SHaping the Interpreters of the Future and of Today

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SHIFT teaching materials

The SHIFT in Orality teaching materials (Intellectual Output 5) were created to teach remote (telephone and video) dialogue interpreting in three language combinations: English/Spanish, Italian/English, Italian/Spanish.

They include:

1. A mini guide on tools and term banks for remote interpreters

2. Guidelines for vocal hygiene for remote interpreters

3. Theoretical framework for teaching remote interpreting (with sample transcriptions and clips)

4. Preparatory activities for practicing remote interpreting

5. Role-plays

Remote Interpreting Services: Future or present? Results of a market Survey in Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom

After having analysed the main features of remote monolingual communication and interaction (SHIFT research report 1) and of remotely interpreted bilingual communication and interaction (SHIFT research report 2), the SHIFT partners, led by project partner