SHaping the Interpreters of the Future and of Today

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SHIFT final symposium "Remote interpreting: Shaping present practice and future directions" (Guildford, UK, 13-14 July 2018) Save the date

The final event of the SHIFT project will be hosted by the University of Surrey, Centre for Translation Studies in Guildford (UK), on July 13th and 14th, 2018. Save the date!


Remote interpreting refers to a situation whereby the main parties of a meeting or similar encounter do not speak the same language and use communication technologies to connect an interpreter at another location to enable them to communicate. Given the current scale of migration and multilingualism in Europe and the rapid evolution of communication technologies, remote interpreting has become a reality in many business, legal, healthcare and community settings. Furthermore, remote interpreting is increasingly delivered through a range of portable and mobile devices. Appropriate provisions are therefore necessary to ensure that the spread of remote interpreting does not compromise the quality of interpreting services and equal and fair access to public services. There is therefore a strong need to re-think and re-frame theoretical models of interpreter-mediated communication and current approaches to training.

Building on previous research on technology-mediated interpreting more broadly, including remote interpreting (e.g. the EU-funded projects AVIDICUS 1-3, 2008-16, in relation to legal settings and the EU projects IVY and EVIVA, 2011-15, in relation to training in remote interpreting), the EU-funded SHIFT project (Shaping the interpreters of the future and of today, 2015-18) has broadened the scope of research on remote interpreting to a wider range of settings and has developed a comprehensive solution for training in remote interpreting. 

To mark the conclusion of the SHIFT project, this symposium will take stock of recent research on remote interpreting; debate how this research translates into appropriate solutions for practice and training; and identify key questions for future research directions in this fast growing field. The participants will include academics, practitioners, industry stakeholders and representatives of professional associations, who will engage in a debate from their respective perspectives. The symposium will also feature a hands-on workshop for professionals who wish to receive training in remote interpreting based on the innovative pedagogical framework and research-informed material developed in SHIFT.


Participation in the event is free. More details and info on registration are coming soon!