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Remote Interpreting Workshop: Training, Research And Business

Rafael Lozano Miralles (Università di Bologna), Raoul Mosconi (Comune di Forlì), Félix San Vicente (Università di Bologna)

The event Workshop di interpretazione a distanza: Formazione, Ricerca e Impresa (Remote interpreting workshop: Training, Research and Business) was held on the October 18th, 2016 in Forlì, hosted by the Department of Interpreting and Translation of the University of Bologna.

The workshop was opened by Rafael Lozano Miralles, head of the Department of Interpreting and Translation, Félix San Vicente, Board Coordinator of the Forlì Campus and Scientific Coordinator of the SHIFT Project, and Raoul Mosconi, Councillor of the Municipality of Forlì.  

The first session of the workshop saw the participation of representatives from the authorities and institutions, who described the needs in their institutions and detected possible synergies with SHIFT; presentation were given by Flavia Vecchione and Cristina Ramolacci, interpreters at the Forlì Police Headquarters, Enrico Valletta, Head of Pediatric Unit at Forlì Hospital, Alberto Zambianchi, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena. 

The following session was devoted to research on dialogue and remote interpreting, with lectures by Raffaela Merlini, University of Macerata, and Amalia Amato, University of Bologna (Forlì).

The first afernoon session focused on professionals and enterprises, with Enrico Capiozzo from VEASYT, Antonio Balestra and Giulio Campana from Idiomaker and Elisabetta minetto and Luisa Cotta-Ramusino from AITI.

Finally, the second afternoon session saw the participation of two newly-graduates who presented the research carried out for their dissertation: Matteo Paoletti and Letizia Foracchia. 

Click here to see the full programme of the event.

Rafael Lozano Miralles (Università di Bologna), Flavia Vecchione (Ministero dell'Interno), Alberto Zambianchi (Camera di Commercio Forlì-Cesena), Cristina Ramolacci (Ministero dell'Interno), Enrico Valletta (AUSL Area Vasta Romagna), Félix San Vicente (Università di Bologna)
Raffaela Merlini (Università di Macerata), Mariachiara Russo (Università di Bologna)