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left to right: Félix San Vicente (Unibo), Mariachiara Russo (Unibo), Presentación Padilla Benítez (UGR), Emilia Iglesias Fernández (UGR)
07 Nov 2016

Third SHIFT transnational meeting in Granada

The third SHIFT transnational meeting was held in Granada on November 3 and 4, 2016.

Before the meeting, partners presented the project, its main goals and objectives at the Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación of the University of Granada.

After the presentation, partners gathered in the beautiful Carmen de la Victoria to discuss contents, share expertise on project progress and plan future steps. 


Rafael Lozano Miralles (Università di Bologna), Raoul Mosconi (Comune di Forlì), Félix San Vicente (Università di Bologna)
20 Oct 2016

Remote Interpreting Workshop: Training, Research And Business

The event Workshop di interpretazione a distanza: Formazione, Ricerca e Impresa (Remote interpreting workshop: Training, Research and Business) was held on the October 18th, 2016 in Forlì, hosted by the Department of Interpreting and Translation of the University of Bologna.

The workshop was opened by Rafael Lozano Miralles, head of the Department of Interpreting and Translation, Félix San Vicente, Board Coordinator of the Forlì Campus and Scientific Coordinator of the SHIFT Project, and Raoul Mosconi, Councillor of the Municipality of Forlì.